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"You Are Loved" Jesus Stickers

"You Are Loved" Jesus Stickers

$25.00 $500.00

Are you looking for a fun gift to give out to the children and youth in your faith community? Maybe your church has a kickoff Sunday or other event planned for the fall and you need some swag to give out? Or maybe your favorite water bottle is just looking a little sad and needs to be brightened up with a unique sticker? 

There are many reasons to be interested in picking up some of our "You Are Loved" Jesus Stickers!

These are an updated version of the same stickers Illustrated Children's Ministry has given out at recent conferences we've exhibited at, and they've been a HUGE hit with people of all ages at those events. We've seen our stickers on water bottles, laptops, and cars.

These stickers are sold in sets of 50 and are a premium quality vinyl that is ideal for both indoor/outdoor uses. They are also dishwasher safe (the featured water bottle in the photos went through the dishwasher a few times, and the sticker still looks great!). (Disclaimer: obviously we can't test ALL dishwashers and ALL brands of dishwasher soap, but we can say that these stickers survived Adam's dishwasher at home for three washes without any loss of quality. We hope you will experience the same results - we just can't guarantee it).

Sticker Details

  • Stickers are 3.73" x 4" and printed on premium white vinyl, with an added clear coat for additional protection
  • Stickers feature the image of Jesus with the bread and the wine, and the message "You Are Loved" in the illustration.
  • Stickers available in sets of 50.
  • This size and type of quality vinyl sticker can sell for $3 or $4 per sticker. However, our initial pricing is $0.50/sticker, and the price is lower the more stickers you buy.

Important Details about Shipping & Fulfillment

  • Because we found a better sticker printer/supplier, we are a few weeks behind schedule. We placed our order for our stickers on July 31th, and they should be in our hands by August 18. As soon as we have them, we will get your order fulfilled and shipped to you. We will fulfill orders in the order that they were received, so to be sure that you'll get your stickers as soon as possible, we'd recommend placing your order as soon as you can.
  • Stickers will be shipped to you in a padded mailing envelope, and the stickers will be shrink-wrapped in sets of 50.
  • Shipping and handling charges: $10.

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