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Pentecost Coloring Sheet & Poster

Pentecost Coloring Sheet & Poster


The Pentecost Coloring Sheet & Poster is a hand-drawn illustration by ICM founder, Adam Walker Cleaveland, and can be used in any number of ways to help you celebrate Pentecost in your congregations.

We also have a Spanish-language version of the Pentecost Coloring Sheet & Poster. Download it here.

The illustration consists of hand-lettering that says Pentecost in the middle. At the top of the illustration, you can see the words "I will pour out my Spirit." At the bottom, beneath all the flames, you can see the words, "All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit."

Below is a listing of exactly what you'll receive with your purchase, and some ideas for how to use the coloring sheet and poster.

What You Will Receive

Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive a link to download a ZIP file that will include this illustration in a variety of different sizes. For each size, you will receive a PDF file, as well as an Adobe Illustrator file:

  1. 8.5x11 B&W coloring sheet
  2. 11x17 B&W coloring sheet
  3. 24x36 B&W coloring poster
  4. 48x36 B&W coloring poster
  5. 1 color version of the illustration (a PNG graphic file) and 1 B&W version of the illustration
  6. License and documentation materials

How You Might Use This Illustration

There are any number of ways you could use this illustration; here are just a few:

  1. Use the color graphic file as your bulletin cover.
  2. Create bulletin inserts that people could color during worship on Pentecost.
  3. Print out a large poster for your confirmation class to color in, or your youth group to work on, that could be displayed on Pentecost.
  4. Get the illustration printed out on fabric, and send it home with a family to color and prepare to use as a banner for Pentecost.
  5. Include the 8.5x11 coloring sheet in children's worship bags.
  6. Get one of the large poster options printed and have it available for children (and children at heart) to color during worship.

As usual, we know people in the Illustrated Children's Ministry community will find amazingly creative uses for this illustration. We hope it helps your Pentecost celebrations this year.

We also have a Spanish-language version of the Pentecost Coloring Sheet & Poster.

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