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Lenten Coloring Sheets - 8.5x11 (2016) - Spanish-language Version

Lenten Coloring Sheets - 8.5x11 (2016) - Spanish-language Version


NOTE: This is our Spanish-language version of our 2016 Lenten Coloring Sheets. The designs are the same, but the words are in Spanish.

We created this set of 9 coloring sheets for Lent (2016), and they were inspired by scripture taken from the Narrative Lectionary passages for that year. These 9 original, meditative coloring sheet illustrations each have a word in the middle - and for this series of coloring sheets, the word corresponds to a theme picked from the Narrative Lectionary.

Below we have listed the scripture that goes with each of the coloring sheets:

  • Coloring Sheet 1 – Reciba a otros: Marcos 9:30-37
  • Coloring Sheet 2 – Dé: Marcos 10:17-31
  • Coloring Sheet 3 – Sirva: Marcos 10:32-52
  • Coloring Sheet 4 – Escuche: Marcos 12:13-17
  • Coloring Sheet 5 – Ame: Marcos 12:28-44
  • Coloring Sheet 6 –Vigile Marcos 13:1-8, 24-37
  • Coloring Sheet 7 – Arriesgue: Marcos 14:3-9
  • Coloring Sheet 8 – Tome. Coma: Marcos 14:22-42 / Forsaken: Marcos 15:16-39
  • Coloring Sheet 9 – Vaya y Diga Marcos 16:1-8

Using These Coloring Sheets

While these coloring sheets were created for the Narrative Lectionary's Lenten texts from Year 2 of the lectionary, they can really be used at any time because each coloring sheet focuses on a story about the life and ministry of Jesus. During Lent, as we all go on our personal and collective journeys, these coloring sheets guide you through stories of Jesus and focus on some of the ways that God calls us to live and follow in the way of Jesus.

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