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An Illustrated Earth for Families

An Illustrated Earth for Families


An Illustrated Earth for Families can be used as a companion to our Illustrated Earth Curriculum, or it can be used independently by families who are looking for ways to connect with their children and explore faith together.

Part of our mission at Illustrated Children’s Ministry is to find ways to resource and support parents who are interested in finding meaningful, creative and fun ways to talk about faith with their children. After publishing family editions of An Illustrated Advent and An Illustrated Lent, we received a lot of positive feedback from families and churches, so we decided to create something similar for our first curriculum. Our hope is that families would find this resource beneficial, and not overwhelming.

We wanted to provide a resource that would give families the tools to interact with twelve different stories from the Bible; stories about water, plants, food and animals. Families can go through the stories in order, or pick and choose based on what their children are interested in; there are many ways families can use An Illustrated Earth for Families.

In An Illustrated Earth for Families, you’ll find family devotions, coloring pages, meaningful activities that children, and their families, can do together, and more. As your children spend time outdoors through all their various extracurricular activities, it is our hope that An Illustrated Earth for Families serves to remind them of how incredible God’s creation is.

What will I receive?

See below for a more detailed description of what is included in this resource:

Devotions: Many of us on the Illustrated Children’s Ministry Team have young children, and so we understand that many parents and the idea of doing something like devotions with their children a bit overwhelming. There’s the issue of finding the time, but beyond that, what do you even talk about? In An Illustrated Earth for Families, we have included twelve devotions based on specific stories from scripture: four water stories, four plant and food stories and four animal stories.

We have paraphrased each of the stories for you to provide a more child-friendly encounter with scripture, and have given you sample questions and a prayer to do together as a family. These devotions could take place before bed, over dinner, on the road while on a long car trip or any other time that is convenient for you. They are meant to be easy ways to engage with scripture and talk with your children about faith.

Illustrated Story Cards: Each story also comes with Illustrated Story Cards. These very simple statements accompanied by line drawings can be used for children to try and retell the story to you, and can help with overall Bible comprehension. Print them out, read the story to your kids, and ask them to arrange the Illustrated Story Cards in the right order. They might even want to color the Illustrated Story Cards as well.

Coloring Pages: If you’ve used our resources before, you know we love coloring. The coloring pages for An Illustrated Earth are some of our favorite yet. You can find elements of the story in all of the coloring pages, which can turn into a game to see who can find the most symbols. Based on feedback we have received, we’re now including a simplified version of the coloring page for younger children, and a more detailed version for those who want more of a challenge (and for all the parents who love to color, of course).

Family Activities: We have come up with different activities that families can do together based around three themes of water, food and plants, and animals. Some involve a small field trip with parents, others can be done at home, and all of them are fun activities that you can do with your children that can lead to some meaningful conversations about faith and life.

Illustrated Earth Sign: Finally, we have included an Illustrated Earth Sign that you can print out (preferably on card stock or a thicker paper) and take with you wherever you and your family will be celebrating God’s creation. The sign can be personalized, and we encourage you and your children to have fun with this. Your children will be joining a large online community of folks who have used our An Illustrated Earth curriculum: hundreds of families and churches across the world have used this curriculum.

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