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1230 Pencil Font

1230 Pencil Font


1230 Pencil is the official font of Illustrated Children's Ministry. This is the font that you may see in many of our materials.

What's included?

1230 Pencil includes a variety of font weights and styles:

  • Light Sans-Serif
  • Regular Sans-Serif
  • SemiBold Sans-Serif
  • Bold Sans-Serif
  • Light Serif
  • Regular Serif
  • Semi-Bold Serif
  • Bold Serif
  • Fancy Lettering

This is the first font I've made so I'm aware that there may be some bugs. If there are changes to the product, you will be alerted to updates. If you're looking for a new hand lettering font to play around with, get 1230 Pencil.

Where did the name come from?

There are a few reasons I named the font 1230 Pencil.

  • 1230: I had a couple pretty late nights when I put this font together, and 12:30am was when I was just hitting my groove on those nights.
  • 1230: 12/30 is also my son's birthday.
  • Pencil: I drew this font on my iPad Pro with my Apple Pencil.
  • Pencil: A "Pencil" font makes me think of a fun, more casual hand lettered font, as opposed to something like Roboto.

How do I install the font on my computer?

Installing the font should just take you a few minutes. Here are two video tutorials courtesy of YouTube:

I won't be providing support as to how to install this font. So if you watch the videos above and don't think you will be able to figure it out, be sure and find someone who can help you install the font before you make your purchase.

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