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An Illustrated Lent for Families (2016) - Spanish-language Version

An Illustrated Lent for Families (2016) - Spanish-language Version

This is the Spanish-language version of the 2016 edition of An Illustrated Lent for Families. The content is the same, but was translated into Spanish.

We are excited to offer you the first edition of our An Illustrated Lent for Families. Below you can read about what is included in it:

Devotions: We know how busy families are and so we wanted to provide you with a way to connect with the Lenten season, but do so in a way that could fit into your daily routines. The seven weeks of devotions in An Illustrated Lent for Families (2016) are meant to be done over a family dinner, or before bedtime. Each devotion is just one page and includes a scripture, some questions (a few very accessible ones and some Going Deeper questions as well), a suggested activity/practice to focus on during the week, and a short prayer.

Each of the devotions has a theme word for the week – and these are based off the Narrative Lectionary Year 2 readings for Lent, and connect with the coloring sheets in the resource.

Weekly Refrigerator Practice Sign: Also included are weekly signs that correspond to that week’s devotions. On the sign will be a space for the family to write in what they decide to try and work on during the week, based on the activity/practice from the week’s devotion. Then the sign can be placed somewhere visible in the home, so everyone remembers what they are working on.

Lenten Coloring Sheets: The devotions connect with our Lenten Coloring Sheets from 2016, and we have provided you with 8.5x11 versions of the coloring sheets in the resource. When they are colored, you can also hang them up and watch the design come together over the course of Lent.

In case you missed it on our blog, please take a few minutes to read a review of this edition of An Illustrated Lent for Families by Bishop-Elect of the Diocese of Indianapolis, The Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows. Rev. Baskerville-Burrows wrote the following about this resource:

The illustrations are beautifully drawn and invite—almost compel—one to get out the markers and spend time with it. The devotions that are assigned to each week are easily adapted for whatever age person is in the conversation. They don’t presume that you’ve been to seminary to engage the questions and they serve as prompts for how we are called to live as Jesus would have us live. [Read more here...]

What do I get?

After completing your purchase, you'll instantly receive a link to download the PDF of An Illustrated Lent for Families. You will find everything you need in the PDF, and then you can share it with the families in your church and community.

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