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Advent Coloring Pages - 8.5x11 (2015)

Advent Coloring Pages - 8.5x11 (2015)

NOTE: If you are interested in our Advent Journey Coloring Posters & Pages, you can learn more information here.

These are 5 unique, hand drawn digital files for five 8.5"x11" coloring pages. The coloring pages are filled with unique and fun designs that kids will love coloring. But not only kids - adults will also enjoy the chance to sit down and spend some time getting lost in these designs.

Each digital file has a hand lettered word in the middle that corresponds with the four weeks of Advent: Hope, Joy, Peace and Love. There is a fifth vector file that has the word Emmanuel in the middle. As you can see, while these coloring pages use the traditional Advent themes of hope, joy, peace and love, the coloring pages can really be used for any occasion.

Many ways to use the coloring pages

  • Kids will love coloring them at home.
  • They are great for youth groups and Sunday School classes to be able to color. 
  • These would be great for worship services to have for people to color while listening to the sermon
  • Of course, adults will love them too.

File Delivery

Upon your purchase, you will receive a downloadable PDF of the files that you can print out.

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