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Illustrated Earth Coloring Posters

Illustrated Earth Coloring Posters


Our Illustrated Earth Coloring Posters are 3' x 2' and are printed on 32lb bright white paper. These posters accompany our Illustrated Earth: Celebrating God's Creation curriculum (although they can certainly be purchased without using the curriculum). We have 3 separate modules of stories, and each module has four posters that illustrate a story from scripture. You can see some of the poster designs for these stories in the photos on the left.

  • Prices
    • Poster Bundle: Physical Posters + Digital Files: $115 (Bundle does not include the curriculum - it is just the posters and the digital files of the posters)
    • Physical Posters ONLY: $95
    • Digital Files ONLY: $50
    • S&H for 48 Contiguous states: $12 (for one set), $18 (for 2-3 sets) and $24 (for 4+ sets)
    • S&H for Alaska/Hawaii: $20 (for one set), $26 (for 2-3 sets) and $32 (for 4+ sets)
    • S&H for Canada$25 (for one set), and $35 (for multiple sets)

Module 1: Water Stories

  • Week 1: Genesis 1:6-10: Separation of the Water
  • Week 2: Exodus 14:15-31: Parting of the Red Sea
  • Week 3: Matthew 3:13-17: Baptism of Jesus
  • Week 4: Mark 4:35-41: Calming of the Storm

Module 2: Food & Plant Stories

  • Week 1: Exodus 16: Manna & Quail
  • Week 2: Mark 6:31-44: Feeding of the 5,000
  • Week 3: Leviticus 25:1-7: The Sabbatical Year
  • Week 4: Mark 4:1-9: Parable of the Sower

Module 3: Animal Stories

  • Week 1: Genesis 1:20-25: Creation of Animals
  • Week 2: Numbers 22:22-35: Balaam and the Lord’s Messenger
  • Week 3: Jonah: Jonah and the Big Fish
  • Week 4: Luke 15:1-7: Parable of the Lost Sheep

Ideas for Using Our Illustrated Earth Coloring Posters

There are many ways to use our Illustrated Earth Coloring Posters – and you all probably have even more creative ideas than these – but here are a few that come to mind:

  • Sunday School: Use these posters along with our Illustrated Earth curriculum for a no-prep to low-prep Sunday School curriculum, and your kids will love getting to color the large posters!
  • As an activity for children during worship: Many churches have left these posters on a table or on the floor for children during the service, which has proven to be a fun way to keep them engaged in the service.
  • As an activity during VBS: Maybe you’re thinking about your summer VBS program – and you’re looking for another activity to fill some of the time and add some variety to your curriculum? The posters would be a great option for that.
  • Intergenerational Family Nights: Get families and other church members together for a fun evening. Start with coloring the posters around tables and talking about the stories, enjoy a meal together, and then end the evening by roasting marshmallows outside for some S’mores!

Shipping Information

We ship with UPS and our preferred method of shipping is to a church/business address. If you will be shipping to a church, please list that in the second line of your shipping address where it says "Church/Company." This enables us to have the best information to send to UPS. If UPS doesn't deliver to your church, or you'd prefer your home address used, feel free to just use that.

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